Bezpilotné marketingové drony

Fantómová dronová kamera

Last Friday, I had a great debate with a friend of mine, Bill Hammer. His position was that having a huge military budget did nothing but bury the economy. I countered that the military, in many ways, is the equivalent of the government investing funds in the development of new technologies and mass production. I would add that, in the business of ‘kill or be killed', the stakes are no higher when it comes to a need for quality and productivity.

(Please don't write me ‘war mongerer' death threats with this post. I am absolutely nie že cena technológie a hromadnej výroby stojí za prelievanie krvi.)

With all that said, check out Gizmodo's article on bezpilotné marketingové drony. Influence and automation! Of course, I'm not sure that this is a win for consumers. The last thing I want is a fly by buzzing my bluetooth PDA telling me that deodorant is on sale the next block over.

Možno mal Bill bod ...

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